Elevator Pitch

Impressions of the Elevator Pitches 2018 in Innsbruck:

Impressions of the Elevator Pitches 2017 in Bolzano:

Impressions of the Elevator Pitches 2015 and 2016 in Innsbruck:

Elevator Pitch

No matter if inside an elevator, in the stairhall, at public events or fairs – with an elevator pitch you can draw attention of the audience towards yourself and your solutions. With a catchy short presentation your can impress potential customers with little effort and at the same time stay in their memory.

Besides market ready solutions, the Elevator Pitches at SMARTER LIVES are open for concepts, models, mock-ups and prototypes of research and development projects.

Inspire the audience within 2 minutes for your solution!

Answer four crucial questions:

Who are you?
What are you doing?
How do your customers benefit from your existence?
What is your solution doing?

After successful registration for the elevator pitch, you will receive
a guideline to create your presentation.
Inform yourself via the button service packages for solution providers
about Elevator Pitch and more possibilities for exhibitors.