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AAL Products is an online catalogue for assistive and smart technology. The aim of AAL Products is to give solutions provider the opportunity to place their AAL solutions cost-free, thus enhancing visibility and awareness of AAL. Furthermore, AAL Products wants to provide individuals with an overview of products and services available on the market.

Solutions providers are able to register their organization on AAL Products and add an unlimited number of solution products and services. Besides product-descriptions and product-sheets, there are also application functions, which have to be maintained. To ensure a high quality, every new or updated solution will undergo an internal checkup. After a successful checkup, the product or service is approved and published in the appropriate category on the website. Due to the quality management, it is possible, that the solutions provider is contacted. In addition, there are different analysis, which are going to be provided on the dashboard.

Solution seeker are able to find and inform themselves about new solutions without any registration. To find appropriate solutions, solution seekers can use the navigation bar on the left side of the website, which holds different categories or they enter key words into the search bar. After finding the appropriate solution, it is possible to contact the solutions provider directly for further information. The solutions provider is liable for every content regarding product-descriptions and product-sheets.

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The testregion West-AAL was an Austrian pilot project, which aimed to identify product and service combinations within the market of AAL. The project contributed to an active, self-determined, safe and socially connected life for elderly persons. There were 12 partners participating in the pilot project. The test-region included 71 test households in the region of Tyrol and Vorarlberg in Austria. The solutions were tested and evaluated for a period of 1,5 years. The project started 01.01.2014 and ended on 31.05.2017.
contributed to a meaningful knowledge transfer within the topic AAL put into practice.  The AAL practice forum SMARTER LIVES has its origin in the marketing activities of West-AAL: The testregion was one of the initiators and Organisators of SMARTER LIVES 2015, which was a very successful event.

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The goal of the gAALaxy development is to bundle existing, innovative AAL solutions with professional home automation systems in order to deliver a unique and unified end-user experience. The core of the gAALaxy vision is the creation of a holistic residential gateway revolving around ambient home automation technologies enhanced with activating and engaging AAL technologies which offers access to call centre technologies or relevant tele and social services.

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FairCare aims for high living standards for elderly people. The web-based platform improves the communication between professional carers, everyday services, volunteers, elderly people and their families. Because of  improved communication elderly people can stay longer in their own homes and therefore relatives and care organizations are released. The entire concept of the FairCare platform is based on a social franchise system.

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