MiiCare was born out of the personal experience of the founder losing his father after a preventable fall. To prevent this tragedy from happening to any more families, Kelvin led the team at MiiCare to create a home healthcare platform that moves care from the hospital to the home and frees up valuable resources for our healthcare system. They enable lasting independence for older adults at home via Monica the AI health coach and are becoming “the operating system of preventative home healthcare.”

MiiCare’s preventative, AI-powered care platform transforms the home into a safe haven where older adults can live the life they choose while staying connected to their families and communities. Their digital health coach, Monica, learns and adapts to unique lifestyles to empower independence with empathetic engagement and digital therapeutics. For providers of home care, post-acute care, and hospital at home/virtual wards, their insights and early warnings bring a preventative transformation that allows them to rapidly assess patients, coordinate optimal care plans and staff utilisation, and improve health outcomes at half the cost of traditional care, with 65% fewer hospitalisations.